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Transatlantic Shoulder Ecourse

Esteemed Colleagues,

We are very excited to host the first Transatlantic Virtual Shoulder Course on October 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of this year (2020). Given the circumstances outside of our control making it impossible to gather together, all of us have faced challenges to continue to learn and discuss various types of complex shoulder cases each of us face.

However, the rise of incredible technology, such as webinar platforms, virtual courses, Whatsapp, and social media, have allowed us to stay connected around the globe. In this spirit, the Transatlantic Shoulder Virtual Course was born. This course will enable the already ongoing discussions of surgeons regarding various challenging cases with colleagues to be transformed into a wordwide, live event available for everyone to watch, participate in, and learn from.

The NAEON and Alps Shoulder Institute (ASI) institutes have a long history of collaborations, from the clinical to research arenas. Now we strive to build a novel world-class virtual shoulder course, bringing together experts and thought leaders from around the world to discuss and demonstrate treatment options for various complex patients. 

Similar to how we have organized our past courses at the ASI, the course will consist of clinical cases, relive and live surgeries, and clinical examinations. We will focus on complex and situations that represent the most difficult pathologies within the field of shoulder surgery.

A unique aspect of this course will be that prior to the course, participants will be asked to send us cases they are uncertain on how to treat or ones that represent their most difficult situations. At the beginning of each session, we will spend time discussing how to work-up, evaluate, and treat these cases.

Every situation will be complemented by a discussion and presentation on the anatomy and biomechanics, clinical examination, live surgeries, relive surgeries, and post op results when the follow up will be long enough.

The topics we will focus on will involve the isolated and complete nerve injuries around the shoulder, paralytic and pseudoparalytic shoulder pathologies, complex arthritic pathologies and advanced arthroplasty techniques, complex or recurrent shoulder instability, and advanced shoulder arthroscopic techniques. 

We also will discuss new and exciting innovations in nerve and arthroplasty surgeries, such as artificial intelligence and robotics.

The first Transatlantic Virtual Shoulder Course will be translated in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The format will be new and innovative, focusing on surgical techniques and in depth discussion to augment all the listener’s understanding of these complex problems.

Save the date!
October 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of 2020, as the ASI and NAEON institutes are waiting for your participation and your challenging clinical cases!!!

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